Company Information


Dorset Steam Cleaning Services was started in early 2016 with the intention of reducing the use of chemical cleaning products and toxic cleaners in the household. A very high standard of clean is achievable in the most Eco-friendly way without the use of chemicals, bleaches, surfactants and with minimal water consumption.

We clean all types of surfaces: floors, tiles, carpets, windows, mirrors, glass, bathrooms, kitchens, toys, ovens, etc leaving your home or business naturally clean and allergen-free with a fresh, appealing aroma that comes from clean, sterile surfaces that are well maintained with nothing more than water.

We strive to be the most Eco-friendly cleaning company in Dorset!

Mission Statement

Our aim is to reduce the impact of air pollution, chemical use and levels of toxins in your home, one property at a time!

Why we are different?

We are able to supply an exceptional cleaning service to our clients, using a method that is deemed as 'Green cleaning' since it does not require the use of chemical cleaning solutions, just the use of our steam cleaning machines.

Steam Cleaning is a more natural way of cleaning, being able to provide a very high level of clean, without having to use any chemical products, also making it a more environmentally friendly way of cleaning.

Water shortage problems have been increasingly becoming one of the most important global issues to be solved.

Dorset steam cleaning services specialise in cleaning with minimal water consumption.