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Window Steam Cleaning

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Dorset steam cleaning services specialize in cleaning your windows with minimal water consumption.

Whether it's your conservatory, greenhouse or the windows in your home or office we offer a deep cleaning service that includes the glass, hinges, sills and casings leaving your windows and frames looking and feeling like new!

Window Steam Cleaning
Window Steam Cleaning

First impressions are important.
Clean windows will enhance the appearance of your home and will also help you to view the world clearly from the inside.

Soap does have some draw backs for cleaning, the problem is that some sticky soap residue is left on the windows and this attracts dirt.

This means that they get dirty again quite quickly and so to maintain them you have to get them cleaned roughly every 2 weeks.

Dorset steam cleaning services uses steam created by tap water where no sticky residue is left behind.

Window Steam Cleaning
Window Steam Cleaning

Customer Testimonials.

Liz Smith from poole
16th May 2017

"Much thanks to Fitz, lovely job cleaning the kitchen and inside of all the windows :-)"

Rachel from Poole
8th February 2017

"Wow! Amazing service. I'm so pleased with the work - I have a lovely entrance to my house. Had the windows, guttering and front door all professionally cleaned by Dorset steam cleaning services. A lovely gentleman who did a great job. It hasn't been that clean since it was new! Would highly recommend and will most definately use again !!! "

Emma from Broadstone, Bournemouth
26th November 2016

"I had my windows and conservatory steam cleaned by Dorset steam cleaning services. Fantastic results and great value for money, plus he's a really nice chap. I can't recommend highly enough and will definitely use again"

Harry from Westbourne
20th August 2016

"Brilliant deep steam clean of the carpets and windows today by Fitz. Clean and tidy worker and the results were brilliant-top man as well! Will be recommending to friends in the area."