Removes 99.99% of bacteria. Family, pet and environmentally friendly!

Bathroom Steam Cleaning



Steam cleaning combats dirt & grime, limescale, rust stains, odours, mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, viruses & more.

All achieved with the power of steam!


No surface cleaners & disinfectant sprays


No abrasive chemical cleaners


No anti-bacterial cleaners


No bleach


No floor cleaner


No limescale remover

Steam cleaning is essential where high standards of cleanliness are required; it’s a quick & efficient method of removing most deposits from bathroom surfaces, including stubborn rust stains, water marks and limescale Our full bathroom steam clean includes:

  • work surfaces washed & polished
  • cupboards and drawers cleaned inside & out
  • bath tubs, showers and shower cubicles cleaned, removing limescale, soap residue and staining
  • basins & taps cleaned, removing limescale, soap residue and staining
  • toilets & toilet seats get a thorough deep clean
  • tiles & grout cleaned and polished
  • blinds & windows cleaned
  • mirrors cleaned & polished
  • extractor fans & air vents cleaned
  • shelving & skirting boards cleaned
  • bins sterilized
  • flooring steam cleaned

Book a full bathroom steam clean, or just the bath tub or shower cubicle, we are happy to offer you a service catered specifically to your requirements. You only have to ask!

Bathroom flooring

Hello. I just wanted to say thank you very much. I am very happy with the bathroom floor results. They look like brand new after your fantastic cleaning. Thanks again. I will be in touch again in the future for any deep cleaning requirements and would not hesitate to recommend you.

Sheila, Boscombe

Fantastic! Thankyou!

Thoroughly recommend this fantastic team! They worked incredibly hard and the finished result was absolutely amazing! The place looked brilliant, clean and sparkling everything looked like new! Absolutely fantastic!

Cathy Edwards, Ringwood

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✦ We DON'T use chemicals, bleaches, detergents or disinfectants
✦ We DO use a small amount of water, a few cloths & a lot of elbow grease
✦ And YES we get great results!

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You'll be amazed at how clean your bathroom will be!

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