New Home Buyers Steam Cleaning

for homeowners, moving in / moving out

New Home Buyers Steam Cleaning

Removes dirt, grease & grime, odours, stains, limescale, mould, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and more

You’ve just bought a new home, it’s a busy and stressful time. With everything that needs to be organised, the last thing you want is the extra pressure of cleaning your home before you start unpacking all those boxes!

As an outgoing owner you may be considering your buyers too, and you probably won’t have the time to be as thorough as you’d like, so our New Home cleaning service is perfect for:

  • Moving in – owners that would like to move into a spotlessly clean new home, with the time-saving & peace of mind that brings
  • Moving out – outgoing owners that would like to offer the gift of a spotlessly clean home to their buyers.

This service is focused on helping you enjoy the house moving experience more, by creating a sparkling clean, sanitised environment, leaving no trace of the previous occupants – including the smallest details such as door & window handles, window channels & seals, plug sockets, light switches, ceilings & skirting boards.

If you use our moving out service we will also do a full check of all rooms, cupboards and other spaces to make sure you haven’t left any belongings behind (which can then be collected, returned or disposed of according to requirements).

Both properties, or just your new home; the full home, or particular rooms or areas cleaned … we are happy to offer you a service catered specifically to your requirements. You only have to ask!

Immaculate job

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Absolutely Immaculate Job of our flat by Fitz Carpets, Shower, Bathrooms, Kitchen Floor and The Oven Feels like a brand new home again

✦ We DON'T use chemicals, bleaches, detergents or disinfectants
✦ We DO use a small amount of water, a few cloths & a lot of elbow grease
✦ And YES we get great results!

Professionally cleaned for you, without the use of chemicals:

  • Kitchens surfaces, appliances, ovens, cupboards, doors, walls, frames, floors
  • Bathrooms surfaces, cabinets, floors, skirting boards, mirrors, sinks, showers, baths, toilets, walls, doors
  • Living & Dining Rooms surfaces, floors, skirting boards, windows, doors, walls, ledges, tables
  • Bedrooms surfaces, wardrobes, floors, skirting boards, mirrors, desks, doors, walls, windows, ledges
  • Corridors/Hallways floors, skirting boards, walls, doors, tables, ledges
  • Conservatories floors, walls, doors, windows, ledges, roof material, glazing bars, gutters

You’ll be amazed at how clean your home will feel!

New Home Buyers Steam Cleaning Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 56 reviews
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