Removes 99.99% of bacteria. Family, pet and environmentally friendly!

Kitchen Steam Cleaning



Steam cleaning sterilises surfaces, removes dirt, limescale, grease & grime. Unclogs drains. Tackles pet odours. Combats mould, dust mites, viruses and more …

All achieved with the power of steam!


No surface cleaners & disinfectant sprays


No anti-bacterial cleaners


No oven cleaner (no lingering chemical smell!)


No floor cleaner


No limescale remover


No wood or metal polish

Steam cleaning is essential where good hygiene is important; in food preparation areas we can eliminate bacteria, allergens and dangerous pathogens without a hint of a harsh chemical!

We can remove heavy residues of grease and charred food remains from most surfaces and appliances, including sinks, ovens, fridges, tiles, floors and grills, leaving your kitchen sanitised and safe.

Our full kitchen steam clean includes:

  • work surfaces washed & polished
  • cupboards and drawers cleaned inside & out
  • sink & taps cleaned, removing limescale and polish where required
  • tiles & grout cleaned and polished
  • oven cleaned internally to remove built-up grease; external clean, polishing any chrome
  • extractor hood cleaned, removing grime
  • washing machine cleaned inside & out, including door rubber, soap drawers and filters
  • refrigerator cleaned inside & out, including drawers, shelves & seals
  • dishwasher cleaned inside & out
  • microwave cleaned inside & out
  • the exterior of all small appliances cleaned, including kettle & toaster
  • bins sterilized
  • flooring steam cleaned

Book a full kitchen steam clean, or just the essential appliances (e.g. oven/fridge/dishwasher), we are happy to offer you a service catered specifically to your requirements. You only have to ask!

Buckhorn Village Hall Kitchen Deep Clean

What can I say. We needed the village hall kitchen deep cleaned, as it had got to a point were just a general clean was not having an impact. Once the work had been carried out by Fitz and Mel, what a difference, it was completely game changing the kitchen was lighter, cleaner, spotless and somewhere you would be happy to invite people into to witness food preparation. I can only recommend an exceptional highly professional organisation that take pride in their work. Thank You.

Jonathan Evans Buckhorn Weston

Thank you

Thanks for doing such a great job in our kitchen! So inspiring.

Linda R, Poole

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✦ We DON'T use chemicals, bleaches, detergents or disinfectants
✦ We DO use a small amount of water, a few cloths & a lot of elbow grease
✦ And YES we get great results!

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You'll be amazed at how clean your kitchen will be!

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