Removes 99.99% of bacteria. Family, pet and environmentally friendly!

At Dorset Steam Cleaning Services we use world-leading Kärcher Professional cleaning machines. So we were especially interested to see the results of some research that Kärcher arranged recently, to test the effectiveness of its steam cleaners against viruses. The tests were carried out by an independent laboratory, using the hand nozzle of a steam cleaner with a microfibre pad on a hard surface.

The result? if used properly, the machines remove up to 99.999% of viruses, such as the coronavirus or influenza, and 99.99% of common household bacteria from hard surfaces!

So, while manufacturers of disinfectant sprays and wipes struggle to keep up with high demand, the much more environmentally-friendly solution to a hygienic home or workplace lies at the end of a tap! Not only that, but steam cleaning kills off viruses without the use of any chemical cleaning agents, protecting you from potential allergic reactions to chemical residues. Allergy sufferers also benefit from the fact that steam binds dust, so the spreading of allergens is much reduced.

It was concluded that “in a hygienic, well-maintained environment that is cleaned regularly, the risk of transmission of pathogens is minimised considerably. Surfaces are no longer a breeding ground for germs, bacteria or viruses”.

We understand that now more than ever, hygiene is incredibly important; following hygiene safety procedures and social distancing guidelines, we are happy to steam clean homes and small commercial workplaces across Dorset.

This is the ideal time for new home owners moving in, end of tenancy, or businesses which have closed their offices/spaces and require a deep clean.

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Do you have a workspace or building that’s ready to re-open for business?

We offer a chemical-free, deep cleaning service where germs, bacteria and viruses can be effectively fought with professional Steam Cleaning, giving your employees a safer working environment

Please be assured, we will be following all guidelines set out by the government to ensure your health and safety during this period.